Summoning The Daemon

  The title does not contradict my previous statements on inspiration. It is inconstant and should not be relied upon as part of a writing process if you want to achieve a regular body of work. I do, so I don't rely on it. I write through all the different shades of feeling. Feeling ill? … Continue reading Summoning The Daemon



Trials lie in wait On every corner I hold within A spark of purpose I am earth, air, fire, water And all things Within it Undefined By anything Beyond will And purpose. Each quiet hour Before dawn Pen makes Love to paper Fingers seduce The keyboard If you would Find me anywhere Find Me There.

The Subtle Pleasures

The  Subtle pleasures Made manifest Now, you come to me Vibrating with the need to  Provide your surrender Raging with the need to feel guided Your deepest nature, I am gentle in nurturing Desire is your truest, most beautiful self

To Be Seen

I wish to be seen Desired Appreciated Even as I walk through The faded hours Alone I respond to  Small bursts of  Recognition Stars to light my way On the darkest parts Of the path I walk I do not need it But my want is a trade Where you inspire And in return,  I … Continue reading To Be Seen