3 INSTEAD OF E     My left foot kept spinning the pedals, a rattling, harsh percussion that cut through Hazel's buzz. It was Wednesday, school was out because a senior had shot himself in front of his parents. Hazel kept sucking on the joint before giving out the little morsels of information that she … Continue reading 3 INSTEAD OF E


An Afternoon’s Appointment (NSFW)

You arrive at 1500, on the dot. You let yourself in, wearing the uniform as discussed, woefully impractical for the task but that is part of the appeal. He sits at the table, working on a legal pad, dressed in a crisp white shirt and jeans, faded to white at the knees, snug and broken in … Continue reading An Afternoon’s Appointment (NSFW)

Take the dragon by its throat

Conceptualising the future Working to take a vision Inside and eat the rough bread Of process There is a strength in bearing The burden of the future In silence In darkness Extrapolating the struggle And I take chaos By its throat It writhes against my grip But the strength of transcendence Makes it surrender And … Continue reading Take the dragon by its throat

A quiet glow

Breathe to Keep it at bay, Calling it a need Implies that it's a weakness A charge building Pooling in the hollow places Enough to tear down Buildings with my bare hands I want to tear you apart Plunge into you and write Prayers on your bones To the wild god within me I'm capable … Continue reading A quiet glow