Sir 2.0 Episode 2: Processing.

You swallow but your throat is acrid with tension. You cannot make out the details of the people watching you, only that they are there. The gown continues to shift up on the back of your legs, adding self consciousness, drop by drop, over the stir of emotions that collide and change within you. 'To … Continue reading Sir 2.0 Episode 2: Processing.

A rainbow

​you  a walking rainbow in person Brilliant clear blue Henna red and creamy white Seen but never reached Formed in perfect juxtaposition Of storm and sunshine Tried to walk But you were never Going to meet me  Halfway So instead I watch Until finally you fade Like you were never there


Feel me Until your surrender Arrives Relax in the direction Of my attention I am as aroused By your dancing anger As by your giggling joy I remain willing To crack the shell Of closure Lick my love against The soft heart flesh Inside My breath is full My body strong I enjoy your anger, … Continue reading Knowing

Closed For The Season.

  This agony Tests my dimensions Inspires a grand violence of spirit Anger is an anaesthetic That allows me to go through The day Numb and shivering And how the world goes on Ignoring my resentment At the callow circumstances, fate swept The house of cards from the table How could a love so grand and … Continue reading Closed For The Season.

Funeral for a chalk painting

On the stretch  Of even, worn pavement You drew looping, nonsensical Loops of colours Fingers tattooed with chalk dust I liked how the hair Hung in your face A curtain rising On the beautiful theatre  Of your violet eyes The picture drew me in Then out And I trusted that you were  Gentle with me … Continue reading Funeral for a chalk painting

Limited Service

( Lizzie stood alone on the platform, arms wrapped around herself, and looking down the tracks. Every noise made her react until even the rasp and rattle of the breeze had her nerves on edge. Harry had once told her about the ghost trains. Scheduled trains that stopped at odd places, single journeys that appeared … Continue reading Limited Service