The Value of Archetypes

(In which I rant about storytelling, immature art and editing. If this isn’t interesting, then skip it because I won’t be mad) SPOILERS BELOW FOR LOTS OF SHOWS AND MOVIES. Anyone else feeling vaguely dissatisfied with the state of big entertainment? A vague sense of betrayal and frustration? Now, this goes into the weeds aContinue reading “The Value of Archetypes”

Black Panther – Review

(Thought I’d try something a little different) Marvel Studios introduced the character in Captain America: Civil War where T’Challa, prince of the African nation Wakanda appears as a force of relative antagonism. The movie Black Panther expands on the character, and the presence of Wakanda to tell a story which is only tangential to theContinue reading “Black Panther – Review”

Of The Flesh

1. By this point, I was unsure as to whether my boldness with Asra was borne of comfort or insanity. Her stories had all pointed to a familiarity with death that leavened her beauty and, I will admit it, her sensuality. That too, added to her appeal, how she carried herself with a brazen disregardContinue reading “Of The Flesh”


BOOK OF 2016: I read a lot, and of the books I’ve read that have been released this year, there are two that I felt warranted particular mention. THE FIREMAN by JOE HILL. I have this on audiobook and on the Kindle. Joe Hill has been a writer whose work I will always gravitate towards.Continue reading “2016: BOOKS, TV AND MOVIES”

The Goblin King Returns

He opened his eyes to a ragged Chorus of cheers All his subjects Looked upon him Their ugliness alleviated By their love for him Still beautiful And with each breath Restored ‘Your highness’ ‘Welcome home, we’ve Missed you during your Time above’ He smiles, how to explain The mark he made On so many mortalsContinue reading “The Goblin King Returns”

The Hateful Eight

Tarantino is the only writer/director who would make a three hour single location western murder mystery chockful of violence,  profanity at a Shakespearean level and a cast of character actors.  Thank god for that. I love his movies.  He’s an auteur and even his excesses are crimes of enthusiasm rather than any lack of ability. Continue reading “The Hateful Eight”

Star Wars – The Force Awakens (contains fake spoilers for amusement)

I like to support new, independent cinema so yesterday I demonstrated that by seeing the new, avant garde film from cinema’s enfant terrible J J Abrams called Star Wars: The Force Awakens. So when Disney brought the rights, I held a moment of caution. However, that was misplaced as we all forget that above allContinue reading “Star Wars – The Force Awakens (contains fake spoilers for amusement)”