Beta Readers Wanted – Horror/Crime Novella

Hi, I have revised the Ogden Chronicle series into a novella. I am looking for beta readers who can give feedback within six to eight weeks. If you are interested, please leave a comment below or contact me via here. The intention is to self publish this then have a similar process with Sir 2.0. … Continue reading Beta Readers Wanted – Horror/Crime Novella


A Visit From The Creatures of Necessity

Dear Sheriff, My brother and I called to discuss a recent business matter. No one was home, but we thought it rude to not let you know that we were here.  The alarm system is pretty good. The lock on the back door could do with a touch of oil.  You have a lovely home … Continue reading A Visit From The Creatures of Necessity

The Irascible Nature of Scorpions (Ogden)

They combed the area in the dark, a generator  was found and set up, it's guttural purr and the thick, greasy stink of diesel adding to the choir of anxieties that afflicted the lawmen of Ogden. One of their own, found in the front seat of his patrol vehicle, throat slit and uniform dark and … Continue reading The Irascible Nature of Scorpions (Ogden)

My Brother, My Keeper (Ogden)

Harlan was equal parts amused and curious at the circumstances with which his brother had managed to secure him legal representation. It was a distraction from his grief, and yet as he sat there, staring at the vending machine coffee with contempt, he fought against the small spark of hope that arose in him. Avery … Continue reading My Brother, My Keeper (Ogden)

Truth Versus Conviction

    She got out from the car. Her hair was a tight, high chignon that gave an elegant length to her neck. Make up as war paint,  eleven o'clock at night and ready for a fight. The suit was a single breasted black blazer and tailored trousers, a Vera Wang shirt. Small towns seldom appreciated … Continue reading Truth Versus Conviction

Sometimes The Mother, Sometimes The Wolf

John felt the floor adhere to the soles of his boots with each step into the bar. It was far enough away that no one would know him from town. It had been their suggestion, they knew the value of a friendly cop and he knew their value. There was little to connect them to … Continue reading Sometimes The Mother, Sometimes The Wolf