Beta Readers Wanted – Horror/Crime Novella

Hi, I have revised the Ogden Chronicle series into a novella. I am looking for beta readers who can give feedback within six to eight weeks. If you are interested, please leave a comment below or contact me via here. The intention is to self publish this then have a similar process with Sir 2.0. … Continue reading Beta Readers Wanted – Horror/Crime Novella

A Bridge For The Furies: Too Much Gun

Previous episodes are here, here, here, hereĀ and here Olivia flushed with embarrassment as Cara leaned forward, a salacious grin alive on her features, suffused with the confident air of someone who knew that their charisma operated on a whole other level of ability. 'Now would you like to know what's in my giftbag for you, … Continue reading A Bridge For The Furies: Too Much Gun

A Bridge For The Furies:Inventory

Cara rolled her eyes in dismay at Gloria. Gloria picked up her drink and took a sip and shuddered with the strength of it. 'So you don't question intelligent gas clouds, but you question a simple hack?' It's false nails and a set of contact lenses. You're talking about some fucking Galactus level event and … Continue reading A Bridge For The Furies:Inventory

Two Pages (30/10/16)

  This morning, with the new book, I worked on a little exposition, telling rather than showing, but that can be reshaped and parsed out. Sometimes it is good to get out on paper where you are going, and allows me to foreshadow as well. Not that it was a negative thing to do, you … Continue reading Two Pages (30/10/16)

In The Library

The sunlight filters in through the large windows to my right, diffused by the glass and the public house next door. The ramshackle orderliness of the shelving appeals to me, books constantly picked up and replaced but not with the same care as the librarians show. The loudest voices of the librarians themselves and in … Continue reading In The Library

Two Pages (26/10/16)

I started writing a new piece in longhand, having finished editing She's Here. I won't start on Lawful Evil in 2nd draft until enough time has elapsed that I can go back into it with a new perspective, transcribing and editing as I go. The work continues for me, always. At my writing group last … Continue reading Two Pages (26/10/16)