A Game of Green and Yellow

The birds sing me awake, their cries loud enough to drown out my dreams. I wind the surrounding sheets, still bearing the musk of my skin, stale and dry these days. It is a talisman against the wet, greasy decay of what hunts me.  I hear it breathing – the pop and crackle of riceContinue reading “A Game of Green and Yellow”

A Guest At Thanksgiving

It had been fifteen, no seventeen years.  She saw him on the stream, just as she was about to uproot herself from the couch, eyes burning with fatigue and head swimming like she’d been drinking, but late night news was soporific enough to form part of her night time routine. All of it was aContinue reading “A Guest At Thanksgiving”

Solidly Off The Internet

As I’m now a creator, more of my time is spent developing projects and executing them. This takes time and attention away from the more immediate work which forms part of the blog content. So I’m not interacting as before, due to a desire to write better books. Project Laughing Boy is waiting for anContinue reading “Solidly Off The Internet”

Black Flint Knife

(I have always enjoyed the family holiday from hell story and always wanted to try it. The odd touch with Jackie finding an odd nobility in the close was a nice surprise. If you like this one, please share and comment) The inside of the car was clammy. It made Joss’ parents, Pete and Shirley,Continue reading “Black Flint Knife”

As God Loves

I love the poetry of science and some of the concepts lend themselves well to story ideas. Here was what started as a series of puns then some amusement in imagining a cinematic experience in a world dominated by women. The idea of cruelty being solely a male province does a disservice to everyone. HeathsContinue reading “As God Loves”

Until She Sings – Beta Readers Wanted

I am looking for beta readers for this project. UNTIL SHE SINGS M B BLISSETT You cannot stay silent if you want to be heard. Caitlin Ross, a young singer-songwriter, makes her debut at an open mic night playing and singing her own songs for the first time. Struggling in her relationship with her once,Continue reading “Until She Sings – Beta Readers Wanted”

Shes Here by M B Blissett

I have a completed book, and am developing it for self-publishing. I am asking, you, my readers if any of you would like to read it and offer feedback on it. This is the general story: SHE’S HERE TOMMY MARTIN is a successful stand up comedian, back off his first tour since the death ofContinue reading “Shes Here by M B Blissett”