Jenny as a cloud.

Ellie had missed four calls from Jenny. The afternoon had been a gauntlet of customers, each armed with their own set of complaints, which Ellie handled with a grim politeness. The efforts to maintain it drained her, and she still had the kids to deal with, let alone Jenny. She let each call drift into … Continue reading Jenny as a cloud.


Evelyn sat there, hand on Mark's forearm as she turned the stem of the wineglass. Her nails stroked along the white starched cuff of his shirt as she continued to recollect her day. 'So, I've been working on this article, like ten things to say to a guy that you've swiped left on -' Dinner … Continue reading Signing

Save The Leon

Leon went into David’s office at five to twelve.  The firing window. Five minutes before the scheduled break so the dismissed employee left without facing attention or questions. It kept them off the phone and didn’t mean facing supporters with their impending termination taking the brakes off their opinions.  Your job was to deliver a … Continue reading Save The Leon

Reviews of Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere

Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere is the story of healing but, as with all healing, first there must be pain, and the catalyst for this is the manipulation, and subsequent misinterpretation of an online comment - very much a modern phenomenon - and one which throws John’s personal and professional life off kilter.John is a self-improvement … Continue reading Reviews of Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere