Sometimes, rabbit

Photo by Rafael Guajardo on Kissing one another Like gloves being turned inside out My fingers cast spells against your tender places Find the jewel there, polish it With caresses tender as Surgery Flowing from one state to another, The delightful rise of smoke Coming from the solidity Of my fingers against your flesh … Continue reading Sometimes, rabbit


In night’s bitter watches

Do not mistake My quiet for gentility My manners are camouflage To disguise the beast That lives beneath This skin I am capable Of the sweetest fury To extend the control I have To you. Pout and tell me how mean I am but I see the light in your eyes How you long for … Continue reading In night’s bitter watches

Weekend Omnibus – Poetry

Here is a collection of the poetry posted on the blog this week. Please comment and share.    


Watching me speak As much as listening Fighting the urge To reach out and touch Tracing a fingertip Against the soft, red flesh With a child like fascination Your adult imagination Already feels my breath Against the places Growing warm beneath  Your clothes My voice goes with you Through you Into you A bow that … Continue reading Lips