Sir 2.0 – the truth of actions

You cry out as he falls forwards.   Sir comes forward. The air is cold but you stand there, defiant and flushed with heat. You want to go to Daddy, but Sir blocks you. He sits in the wheelchair like a throne, leering up at you with amused disdain   ‘Quite a dramatic way toContinue reading “Sir 2.0 – the truth of actions”

sir 2.0 a lead role in a cage

Previous episodes are here   The sirens shake you from sleep. You reach for the phone underneath your pillow in the dark, heart racing and mouth dry from panic. Guards enter the dormitory, unarmed but acting to a practiced directive. Daddy warned you something would happen, but he gave you no indication of when orContinue reading “sir 2.0 a lead role in a cage”

Rough Magic (Sir 2.0)

Things fall apart by degrees. System errors and missed appointments. Despite the surveillance, the neurological conceits which form the Sir experience, it goes unnoticed by everyone. Except you. Daddy. Ingrid leaves. She gives you the remaining craft projects in a cloth bag, blunted needles and strands of wool scrambled together in a riot of coloursContinue reading “Rough Magic (Sir 2.0)”

Surrender – Sir 2.0

Chaos creeps in by degrees. Within the dormitory, murmurs of disappointment, punctuated by outbursts of frustration, shrill and sharp from the women who have found their appointments cancelled without warning. The men’s section is more overt in their disapproval. The clatter of things thrown to the ground. Conversations become arguments. Arguments become fights. The ambientContinue reading “Surrender – Sir 2.0”

Fluid Magic – Sir 2.0

If you took one of the red gelatine capsules and pulled it apart, you would find nothing inside. The capsules are the smallest size available. They hold a capacity for 200mg, but for what Daddy is hoping to achieve, is almost infinite. A nanobot is a robot in miniature. They measure 1000th of a micron,Continue reading “Fluid Magic – Sir 2.0”

Capacity For Escape (Sir 2.0)

You experience snatches of him in dreams. The salt of his skin, suffused with coffee and bergamot taunts you as it wells up in your sinuses and across your lips. His weight, held above you, used in service to open you up. You play the brat with him, alternating between coquette and little and inContinue reading “Capacity For Escape (Sir 2.0)”

Drop (Sir 2.0)

It’s when you are away from Daddy which causes doubt and confusion. The tingling certainties are flushed from your system by the routines of waiting.   Ingrid puts down the book she’s reading when you’re sat together, you are laid on your bed, palms flat against your stomach and breathing through the restlessness.   ‘DoesContinue reading “Drop (Sir 2.0)”

Breathe (Sir 2.0)

You dream of him. The remnants cling onto you as you wake. His rough, strong hands search out the hot, perpetual ache within you and crack the clay over your soul with their knowing, focused touch. You see his gentle eyes and full lips, sometimes bruising and urgent with want or considerate and placid inContinue reading “Breathe (Sir 2.0)”