Two Pages (22/09/16)

This morning's pages were continuing the background piece, I am quite pleased with the tone and the progression here. It's tentative because it's at a different pace, a foreign setting and hopefully shows off some of the research without being too ostentatious. I don't want to be visible on the page, I want the characters … Continue reading Two Pages (22/09/16)

Two Pages (21/09/2016)

200 pages. It's all written in longhand or cursive but to me it's pencil and paper. I do that because it allows me to avoid the powerful distraction of the internet and it's private, I can't readily share it so I have the freedom and discipline to explore the story and the idea. It's mostly … Continue reading Two Pages (21/09/2016)

Two Pages (20/09/16)

  I wrote two difficult pages, in a different tense and although essentially exposition, I aimed to make it hurt, to weaponise it. I'm not entirely sure it's in the right place within the book, but it is done and I'm pleased with it. There was some research required for it, which wasn't cheery or … Continue reading Two Pages (20/09/16)

Two Pages (19/09/16)

I have started to hit a big point in the second act now, which necessitated some research and some of that was upsetting to me, a thing that happens in other parts of the world that I cannot find a single justification for. We all have those practices or beliefs that we look at and … Continue reading Two Pages (19/09/16)

Two Pages (18/09/16)

This morning was a big scene, answering a question which is what the resolution of narrative tension is, in essence. I finished The Night Eternal by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan yesterday, the last part of the trilogy (it is the books that the tv show The Strain is based on, and no I … Continue reading Two Pages (18/09/16)

Two Pages (17/09/16)

It was a touch spare this morning, and I hinted at a story point that will pay off later. Two actually, because I wanted to give things a touch of narrative tension. In retrospect, I may cut it but that will come later on. Some mornings, I go with the flow, and letting things breathe … Continue reading Two Pages (17/09/16)