Two Words (21/10/16)

Lawful Evil is now into it's third act. I've got another few obligatory scenes to work through, and the climax but I hope it will be finished within a few weeks. I've got two solid ideas for whatever I work on next, so it will be a toss up between them, or it maybe something … Continue reading Two Words (21/10/16)

Image: It was about momentum, trying to lift the weight of my process against the resistance of anxiety and depression. These times are when all the bland, fat days of getting it done reap their reward. It isn't about external validation, or money in the bank a lot of the time. You do things that … Continue reading

Two Pages (19/10/16)

I wrote two pages of Lawful Evil, the second section of background exposition narrated in first person. These pieces don't go always go into later drafts verbatim because sometimes I cut them into pieces and seed them throughout the work. With these, and an earlier section, I like the voices that I used here. It's … Continue reading Two Pages (19/10/16)

Two Pages (06/10/16)

My throat is healing well. I ended up writing another two pages of Lawful Evil last night, and I find that when I get into it, the focus provides a lovely and effective distraction from my discomfort.  It also helps that these scenes are dynamic, carrying a lot of plot and narrative weight which demanded … Continue reading Two Pages (06/10/16)

Two Pages (04/10/16)

It was a good two pages this morning. I'm always wary of these scenes, they're important and I try to balance the need for pace and information with the tenets of solid writing. The one applied to this morning was that if you have two characters talking, they should not tell one another things that … Continue reading Two Pages (04/10/16)

Two Pages (01/10/16)

The air is crisp in the mornings. This morning's pages were blunt, moving things along in the story with an aim to put flesh on them later. I have paused to reflect on the page but they're simply breaths taken before I ramp things up again. Later on, I will go back to my notes … Continue reading Two Pages (01/10/16)