An Afternoon’s Appointment (NSFW)

You arrive at 1500, on the dot. You let yourself in, wearing the uniform as discussed, woefully impractical for the task but that is part of the appeal. He sits at the table, working on a legal pad, dressed in a crisp white shirt and jeans, faded to white at the knees, snug and broken in … Continue reading An Afternoon’s Appointment (NSFW)


a study in tension

what the sight and sound scent of you feeds the absence of it done as much from consideration i mean you're into the idea of it but life is abrasive it wears you down but i am wired built around upon a foundation of wild appetite not furtive but i sit with it the release … Continue reading a study in tension

Failure Of Negotiation

Desire is Not something That can be negotiated Nothing so simple Can be forced Than flight could be A matter of will All I can do  Is make myself Worthy To speak my wants To have a purpose To be capable Of a delicious Meanness That would Ravish and Bruise Rolling you  In the sweet … Continue reading Failure Of Negotiation

Sir 2.0 Episode 3

You inhale the oils in the water, carried across from the steam. You can no longer hear the ambient murmurs of the audience. A quiet relief blunts your discomfort to a degree where it becomes part of the burgeoning arousal within you. Your acceptance has unlocked the first stirrings of a wild, terrible power within you. Your … Continue reading Sir 2.0 Episode 3