In The Library

The sunlight filters in through the large windows to my right, diffused by the glass and the public house next door. The ramshackle orderliness of the shelving appeals to me, books constantly picked up and replaced but not with the same care as the librarians show. The loudest voices of the librarians themselves and in … Continue reading In The Library

The Burden of Law.

  We had been in country for six months now, making friends was a thing of necessity and all of us in the unit had developed friendships in different layers. Imogen, who had dropped out of Stanford to be here was tight with Lorraine, who had been about to start beauty school before she got … Continue reading The Burden of Law.

Two Pages (09/10/16)

This morning's pages were good, took on the challenge of showing a little more description of the protagonist's love interest/ally ¬†and their house. It is something that I may lift entirely and place earlier in the book but sometimes insights arrive when they're ready to be written down, and so long as you know where … Continue reading Two Pages (09/10/16)

Two Pages (07/10/16)

Lawful Evil is going well, as I've self-diagnosed that writing takes my mind off my discomfort more ably than any medicine. There are always the two pages done in the morning, which is my main writing time, but I find myself returning to it later on in the day. In the evenings, I am editing … Continue reading Two Pages (07/10/16)

Two Pages (05/10/16)

I ended up writing at around 0230 this morning. I had a minor surgical procedure, and in my usual hopeful bravado, neglected to consider what was actually coming in terms of pain when the local anaesthetic wore off. The answer is agony each time I swallow, not that you were asking the question. I tried … Continue reading Two Pages (05/10/16)

Two Pages (04/10/16)

It was a good two pages this morning. I'm always wary of these scenes, they're important and I try to balance the need for pace and information with the tenets of solid writing. The one applied to this morning was that if you have two characters talking, they should not tell one another things that … Continue reading Two Pages (04/10/16)