Writing Update 09/04/17

I hit 40 pages on the first draft today. It's been a progression apparent to myself, in terms of what I am writing about, but not who I write for. I know what works for me as a practice, which cuts down on the amount of time spent being indecisive, I guess. Sorry, couldn't resist … Continue reading Writing Update 09/04/17

Writing Update

I finished the second draft of Lawful Evil yesterday. 435 pages. 79,904 words. It is not finished in the respect that it will need another draft or two before I am happy with it, if I ever am. The more that I learn, the more nuanced my appreciation is and so I drive myself a … Continue reading Writing Update

Patience and Process

Sit down, listen and I will share something I've learned. I have learned this through pain and upset, which is how the best lessons are learned. Ask a thwarted lover, they will tell you, if they can manage to stop crying long enough for any degree of clarity. The most difficult thing to learn when … Continue reading Patience and Process

Basics of Writing

Ok, so I have been writing a little while now, and have things to show for it, some of which are in arenas beyond here. Infernal Ink in April of this year and the For Her anthology in Cleiss Press (release tbc). I have an agent (Kelly Marshall at SMART Talent Agency), a writing practice … Continue reading Basics of Writing

On Talking About Writing.

I sometimes talk about writing in a brusque, taciturn way, much like I do about a lot of things in real life. My concern is that it comes across that I view writing as something almost cruel and dry, a soul masochism that chips your nails and makes your mouth taste of grit. Write the … Continue reading On Talking About Writing.


I am quite disciplined in my writing practice. I feel, for me, it's important to be productive and to work to a schedule. I aim to be as professional as possible, even though there's no money involved at this stage for me, I turn up every day and do the work. Inspiration is lovely, but … Continue reading Process