On politics and kindness

Does anyone else feel disconnected from politics and political debate at the moment? I don't write overt political fiction. I used to be an activist and it's a condition akin to a long term illness, periods of remission and infection but I'm much better at the latter, in so far I've focused on improving my … Continue reading On politics and kindness



Feel me Until your surrender Arrives Relax in the direction Of my attention I am as aroused By your dancing anger As by your giggling joy I remain willing To crack the shell Of closure Lick my love against The soft heart flesh Inside My breath is full My body strong I enjoy your anger, … Continue reading Knowing

Two Pages (08/10/16)

I've now hit the 238 page mark with Lawful Evil, the voice is there, I'm following my story grid so there's less incentive to meander and I've been surprised by the diversions that I have taken, but have not yet been lost within the book. It feels like a focused progression for me and each … Continue reading Two Pages (08/10/16)

mix tapes and a blanket fort

  you don't normally listen to this sort of thing angry girls with guitars juliana hatfield liz phair you sing along with sullen girl and it makes me want to pick you up and carry you away build you a blanket fort but you want to know what i like what moves me How my … Continue reading mix tapes and a blanket fort

Ghosts of Celluloid

He sits at the back of the theatre Recalls how it was all new Once No colour, no computer generated effects Not even sound. He looks at people hunched over their phones. People move so much faster He doesn't get why people Wear their hair the way that They do Why the news is always … Continue reading Ghosts of Celluloid

She Leaves By Degrees

She leaves by degrees. I potter around Offering up trinkets That she used to celebrate But now smiles Politely says thanks We use the words 'I love you' When really we mean 'I'm scared, not that you're leaving' 'But you've already left' I read through a million books Write a million poems And they all … Continue reading She Leaves By Degrees