The Lightning Thesaurus

In the kingdom of Vivaria, Zephyrus, a sorcerer is on the run from a powerful noble intent on his murder.  Moira, a healer, saves his life and introduces him to Ron Brandywood, a competent and able bodyguard. Ron is three feet tall and uses his fists to defend his clients, but Zephyrus must trust Ron if … Continue reading The Lightning Thesaurus

A Review of Laughing Boy

Reviews of Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere

Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere is the story of healing but, as with all healing, first there must be pain, and the catalyst for this is the manipulation, and subsequent misinterpretation of an online comment - very much a modern phenomenon - and one which throws John’s personal and professional life off kilter.John is a self-improvement … Continue reading Reviews of Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere

Reviews of Laughing Boy

This book has a great story. The descriptions and scenes pull you into this comedians world which is written so well that you can imagine it clearly. There is humor, fear, passion, and suspense! I couldn't put it down! Tommy Martin is a well known Norwich-based stand-up comedian, struggling to connect with a teenage daughter who … Continue reading Reviews of Laughing Boy

The Lightning Thesaurus is done

I've given it an edit and have sent it to beta reader for their feedback. If you'd like to be one, email me or leave a comment below. Next up is Ogden, and then working on more books and short fiction.