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Laughing Boy

Blame Sara Millican. My brain is a magpie for little facts and somewhere it was written she started stand-up after a separation. So that became the seed of an idea. Something relative to Until She Sings in the domestic minutiae but with a different energy.

Then you start writing it and it does what it wants with you. A strident, male voice emerged and underneath the laughter, threat and fear. The kind peculiar to men. Violence, implied or otherwise is the norm in genre and also there was this E.C. Comics sense of cosmic justice just itching to be called upon.

So, what the book became was something else. Yet the spark to me is what does Tommy do when horrible things start happening to him and the people around him?

You can find out here

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A great review of Until She Sings

Thanks to Shaun for sharing his thoughts on the book.

And my latest book is here:

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Dahlia Bliss has books out now

A woman enters a virtual exploration of her sexual desires and finds herself developing emotional connections to her dominant #KindleUnlimited #erotica
A potent and playful relationship plays out over a series of instructions, games and tests. Cries, laughter, sighs and screams, it’s all there in the most erotic and intense way possible. Out now for Kindle.
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Where desire meets technology and the result takes a woman into some interesting places within herself.

I would appreciate your help in sharing this with your followers and fellow readers.

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Until She Sings a review by Tara Caribou.

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Until She Sings

My book Until She Sings is out now.


Until She Sings


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13 Postcards From Hell

My short story ‘Junkyard Redemption’ is featured in the anthology ’13 Postcards From Hell’. The link is below, and it was an honour to be featured alongside some great writers.


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My First Review.

My first review. Can’t thank you enough, and it is great they enjoyed it. If you’ve not picked up a copy yet, you should. The link is below.

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Is anyone here on Goodreads? I have an author page, which you should sign up to, straight away.

Thank you

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Book Reviewers?

If you run a book review blog and would like to review Until She Sings, please contact me.