To Be Good In All Things

The universe conspired to make me late for work again.'I've gone over the spreadsheet, Kevin, everything matches up. Look, I'll call Redman when I get in, okay, I have to go.'I ended the call. It took me just long enough to switch the radio on again when another call came through. The first few bars … Continue reading To Be Good In All Things

In night’s bitter watches

Do not mistake My quiet for gentility My manners are camouflage To disguise the beast That lives beneath This skin I am capable Of the sweetest fury To extend the control I have To you. Pout and tell me how mean I am but I see the light in your eyes How you long for … Continue reading In night’s bitter watches

The Lightning Thesaurus is done

I've given it an edit and have sent it to beta reader for their feedback. If you'd like to be one, email me or leave a comment below. Next up is Ogden, and then working on more books and short fiction.


Streamlined curvesHarness an energy unboundWhispers to be takenYells for genuine dominationWhere are the men?That she calls daddyHer understandingOf who she isIs foreign to manyBut one manSpeaks her languageHer true sexual dictionary


Her gaze burns meSweat beadsI try to recedeBut she pulls me inShe wants her daddyYet I’m the playthingI take off my beltLay her over my lapRadiateThe masculinityShe begs of me

Better For Their Creation

These hungry silences Do not falter Yet here, strengthening by action And although there are fine words A touch, an act of service Mutual intermingling Time, space, mutable as kissing Pin you down and exorcise Your fear with my fuck Laugh eat and conquer Come to me I offer the play and the seeds Have … Continue reading Better For Their Creation