Another Excerpt From Project Cat Lady.

They heard the neighbouring fence shudder with impact as Pinky leapt over, a lipless cut on her flank as she clutched her bow in one clawed hand whilst the empty quiver flapped between her shoulder blades. She landed on the patio and looked at the gap in the fencing at the bottom of the garden … Continue reading Another Excerpt From Project Cat Lady.


An excerpt from a new project

1 The boy was running away. From the police or other children, none of them knew, but the worst things turned on decisions made from fear or anger. Judging by the damage done, Brian guessed it had been a mixture of both. He sat on the shed roof, dismayed as the boy sprinted through the … Continue reading An excerpt from a new project

Before The Sun Departs

'Now it's a race to breed before the sun departs.' David Attenborough, Frozen Planet   1. The roar of the wind drowned out everything but Drifting Snow felt Gift's paws crunch against the snow, and when she turned, he was there, leading her to where they would mate again. The sun was setting, but there … Continue reading Before The Sun Departs

The Last Of Us

They came for us, Cut the horns from Our heads to make us safe, Left us bleeding in the Dust, Lost to a solipsistic dance, Of glee, And if one of my brothers charged To save his own life, They shot him and called it A redress of grievances Imbalances and how toxic Our strength … Continue reading The Last Of Us

Good Dog

  All dogs have a Buddha Mind so you've Barked your last mantra And intellectually As comforting as it is, You've transcended Your suffering, It doesn't make the Silence when I walk into My old house any easier To bear, old friend, And the paths we walked Night and day, Will miss us both, But … Continue reading Good Dog

Wet Dog

The pair of them sat in the flat, candles burning because they couldn't shift anything until the morning and they had used the emergency on the meter a few days ago. The laptop had a password on it, but they used it's glowing screen to provide further illumination. Iain sat slumped against the wall, his … Continue reading Wet Dog