Let It Burn

(http://charmander831.deviantart.com/art/let-it-burn-638659914) Pam watched the dorm burn. She stood with the crowd of onlookers, phones and tablets held up to capture how the flames licked at the windows, vomiting black smoke, thick from the feast of plastic it had found in every room. Theresa came over, weeping in a way which Pam found unsightly. The histrionics … Continue reading Let It Burn


Cycles of Ambition

Louise slid the envelope into the mailbox outside the town hall, surging with triumph before walking inside. Her appearance was no accident, the smart, glamorous appearance offering a great deal but promising nothing. Her makeup was war paint and she thought of herself as someone determined to advance her position by any means necessary. The … Continue reading Cycles of Ambition

Writing Update

I finished the second draft of Lawful Evil yesterday. 435 pages. 79,904 words. It is not finished in the respect that it will need another draft or two before I am happy with it, if I ever am. The more that I learn, the more nuanced my appreciation is and so I drive myself a … Continue reading Writing Update


(http://jameshackland.deviantart.com/art/The-Better-Way-663767279) The train sat, a dying king over a ruined kingdom, scarred with a million journeys and covered in a mosaic of graffiti, each one the manifestation of a singular intention. Mostly to be seen, but other intentions were captured there. Now, look at this one. Looks like it was done for practice, but if … Continue reading Tag


Trials lie in wait On every corner I hold within A spark of purpose I am earth, air, fire, water And all things Within it Undefined By anything Beyond will And purpose. Each quiet hour Before dawn Pen makes Love to paper Fingers seduce The keyboard If you would Find me anywhere Find Me There.

https://soundcloud.com/matt-blissett/man-of-tomorrow So often Tattered rags Costumes worn To uninvited parties Disguised as Flags Uniforms Nonsense spoken With solemn expressions Is not eloquence And there are those Who call for no Power from Fear of acknowledging Their own powerlessness But I have Found my dominion A battle within myself A purpose. A path The struggle Is … Continue reading