I am now on some of social media, so if you want to follow me: Twitter : @kinginascendent Tumblr: Although these will be automated link type affairs to allow you the chance to share the things you like with friends who aren't on WordPress. I've also streamlined the blog address to but that's … Continue reading Twumblr.

Warm Machine

Arching your back As the ropes hold you still Here, no outcome Other than the quiet joy Of exploration The rumbling swish of A drawer being opened As you ask me what I have planned. You hear the hum Before you feel it Tracing careful paths Along your skin Your bones spread rumours That make you … Continue reading Warm Machine

A King Receiving

Your hair Falls over my face Like a wave As your fingers Bite into my shoulders I lay there, not passive But a king receiving His divine gift As you coil and uncoil Clench and release In time with the breath Of the universe Where we are joined Slick and swallowing Hungry to be made … Continue reading A King Receiving

Project Laughter 30/05/2015

It was a clumsy transition, but sometimes those parts are necessary. In exploring the idea, I aim to empty my head of everything related to the story and not all of those ideas are especially elegant or smooth but you put them down and keep going. If you keep going over the same thing, then … Continue reading Project Laughter 30/05/2015


You've not Felt free to Touch this way To move against Another day To be sweetly broken And remade Because darling I'm a man who Likes to work with his hands And as my fingers Pray to you Fight against my palm Come at me With everything you have Because we Have soul work To … Continue reading Sculpture


Whispering As the colours Fade and we've Been denying ourselves this What you confessed Built courage And as we sip We find courage But as the silences Feed on our excitement We discuss The rules Where Who When Yes No And then We begin Tentative and awkward Finding the rhythm Tenderness fuelled by Desire and … Continue reading Play