Laughing Boy by M B Blissett

LAUGHING BOY M B BLISSETT Love is forever. TOMMY MARTIN is a single father to PENNY, since the death of his wife Sophie. When he finds happiness again with an enigmatic artist, Tommy finds himself facing supernatural forces intent on harming everyone closest to him. He must face the darkest days of his past inContinue reading “Laughing Boy by M B Blissett”

Appointments To Weep(Men)

Our appointmentsMade in transitionFrom one place toAnotherSit with the fearShe’s losing interestAnd your novelty is somehowWearyingIt passesAnother arrivesGuilt and the soft prayersTo find the balance between cosmic justice and acknowledgementIf you could apologiseYou wouldYou didBut people seldom hearWhen they’re settingYour life ablaze,It passesAnother butLess as time goes onYou wish you couldUncoil before herAs you alwaysContinue reading “Appointments To Weep(Men)”

Remains from Ash Tales

My short story Remains will be available to read here fromFriday 15th. The link is here My book Until She Sings is out now. Ebook: Until She Sings Paperback: My Mailing List for announcements and news with a free short story as a thank you.


An amusement park Yet It’s always closed For renovation To him Who else has had the pleasure Of experiencing every single Diversion here? Lips frosted with pink sugar Taste but here, how he sweeps the floor, Tighten the bolts on the tracks, Pour soothing sawdust on sour puddles, And yes there is depth of valueContinue reading “Caretaker”

The Value of Archetypes

(In which I rant about storytelling, immature art and editing. If this isn’t interesting, then skip it because I won’t be mad) SPOILERS BELOW FOR LOTS OF SHOWS AND MOVIES. Anyone else feeling vaguely dissatisfied with the state of big entertainment? A vague sense of betrayal and frustration? Now, this goes into the weeds aContinue reading “The Value of Archetypes”

Kisses As prayers

Damp from the rain outside And dirt under my nails Hands shaking with fatigue And there you are Bare to me Excuse the rough way I look at you I’m elegant hunger Except sometimes the sight of you Overpowers me Take you and pin down This writhing hunger within Because I’m supposed to be aContinue reading “Kisses As prayers”