The Wild Man In The Water

Once upon a time, Paul, brother of King Samuel and chancellor, sat on the throne, listening to the complaints and petitions of the people. He listened with care, asked questions to show his investment in the pain and passion of his people. Paul and Sam viewed nobility as a privilege, not a right. In hisContinue reading “The Wild Man In The Water”

A Game of Green and Yellow

The birds sing me awake, their cries loud enough to drown out my dreams. I wind the surrounding sheets, still bearing the musk of my skin, stale and dry these days. It is a talisman against the wet, greasy decay of what hunts me.  I hear it breathing – the pop and crackle of riceContinue reading “A Game of Green and Yellow”

A Guest At Thanksgiving

It had been fifteen, no seventeen years.  She saw him on the stream, just as she was about to uproot herself from the couch, eyes burning with fatigue and head swimming like she’d been drinking, but late night news was soporific enough to form part of her night time routine. All of it was aContinue reading “A Guest At Thanksgiving”

Until She Sings

My book Until She Sings is out now. Ebook: Until She Sings Paperback: My Mailing List for announcements and news with a free short story as a thank you.

All the ways

To sit with uncertainty Here amidst the ruins of The person I was Someone better Lives here now Yet the hungry ghosts of old weaknesses Change forms as they stalk the future They’ve no place haunting But those, red in tooth and claw, They fail to learn from history My victories, come at a cost,Continue reading “All the ways”