The Lightning Thesaurus – An Exclusive Excerpt

The Lightning Thesaurus Prologue Quick crouched atop a mountain, staring across the knobbled spine of jagged peaks which stabbed at the sky, each wound bleeding dawn’s scarlet and sienna light downwards as he saw the muscled, pale forms of the half-giants stir and begin another day of conflict and survival. They were the diluted progeny … Continue reading The Lightning Thesaurus – An Exclusive Excerpt


The Ron Brandywood Capers – 2023

The actual book is done. Edited, refined and ready for consumption. So, now onto the parts of the process: Covers. They're interesting, as a lot of great covers are appropriate to their medium. A great album cover isn't necessarily a great book cover or even a comic book. My personal favourites with the latter are … Continue reading The Ron Brandywood Capers – 2023

The Lilith: An Excerpt.

Eden.  Beneath crystal blue skies, order existed. Verdant grasses and fruiting plants sustained the animals who gave their flesh and organs to fill the bellies of those raised and sculpted in His image, and observed with perfect and total clarity, by The Word. There were changes and refinements made to each stage of the process. … Continue reading The Lilith: An Excerpt.

Old Soldiers If you like horror fiction, check out the work I am doing with Jack Howarth on the art project, A Sky of Broken Smiles.

A Sky of Broken Smiles A collaboration between myself and Jack Howarth. Words and pictures trying to capture the horror of the world before it becomes so huge that you cannot see it. If you are on Instagram, come and have a look. There's new original work coming from me early next year, and also a large project which … Continue reading A Sky of Broken Smiles

Watching and Reading.

WE OWN THIS CITY Based on a true story and a subsequent book, this is a compact, thoughtful and passionate indictment of police and political corruption. Jon Bernthal's soulful and self-destructive performance gives the whole story a raw and rugged authenticity. It is a considered production with the same melancholy wisdom as The Wire. THE … Continue reading Watching and Reading.