If you’ve read, or are reading The Lightning Thesaurus or The Dead Friend, please leave a review. It helps the casual browser decide if it is a book for them or not.

Thank you. The third has gone to the publisher for the editing process, meeting with an amazing artist next week to discuss the cover whilst I am also working on new projects.


2 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. waiting for the paperback copy of The Dead Friend to come out. I read the kindle copy, but prefer a real book that I can flip back and forth in. The book ended sooner than I expected, a problem with digital copies for me. Just an old luddite… 🙂 OK, I see that Dead Friend is out in paperback, I’ll order it. Looking forward for the latest adventure. I like your characters, even the “walk-ons” like guards and bystanders have filled-out personalities.


  2. Thank you so much. I try to give everyone something, without weighing down the overall story. We’re all bystanders in someone’s story and heroes of our own so it’s something I aim for when I write. I really appreciate your support and your enjoyment of the books thus far is it’s own reward for me.


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