4 thoughts on “The Dead Friend

  1. This is a very enjoyable continuation to the Ron Brandywood saga. Matt has delivered a good standalone story whilst also building upon the foundations of backstory and relationships created in his first instalment, The Lightning Thesaurus. I am late in posting this review as I was waiting for Matt’s publisher to get back to me regarding some unfortunate printing errors in my copy, but after seven weeks they have still failed to return my email. The printing mistakes are somewhat difficult to ignore, and show both Matt and Enchanted Forest Publications in a bad light. It appears there is no quality control on the actual book being sent out.

    Books in a series I would expect to be of the same size, but that’s just a bit of OCD on my part as far as my bookcase is concerned. There are multiple editing notes still on the pages of my copy along with formatting errors etc and they’re hard to ignore and do slightly distract the reader from immersing themselves in the story.

    It is a good story, and I look forward to the next books, but some work is needed to be done on the physical book itself.

    Story: Good
    The book: Not so much.


    1. I apologise for the printing errors and the failure to respond. Thank you for being honest about what you didnt enjoy. I have already passed this to my publisher, and please contact me if you dont get a response.

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      1. Hi Matt. Thank you for your intervention on my part. Your publisher has gotten back to me regarding the issues with my copy of the book, and I am sure the situation will be resolved. I look forward to reading what I already know to be a great story with so much potential to run and run.

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