Writing Update

The tenth of the sequence is done.

Pre-orders are available for the second, The Dead Friend, which is out in August, ahead of my appearance at Great Yarmouth Comic Convention on the 14th and 15th where I will have signed copies available. The third, The Weak Father, will follow in February 2022, and from there, we will be releasing further titles in the sequence.

There is also the growing idea for a book outside of the paracosm which is being built, word by word, book by book and that’s something which is still in a fragile stage, notes and an overall sense of what the story is. No lists, but an outline and some research to do, but the central idea has stuck with me for long enough to mean something is there.

The work continues and yet it’s important to recognise the support and thanks owed to those of you who support my writing.


9 thoughts on “Writing Update

  1. too late….I get it, I just didn’t know it had an actual word. Let me say this about that (JFK I think?) the application to the Lightning Thesaurus … even as a reader I get the underlying currents of your paracosm. I think because of the literary connotations, the premise stokes extrapolated hints of the background story developing as it goes along.


      1. One thing I like about your stories is that you present segments factually, without too much new detail or discussion that might tie the story down. Story points that seem simple fact could bog down future developments. For example there’s just enough about Moira to bring wonder to her possible backstory. Forgive me if I sound presumptious, its just that I admire the way you worked Lightning Thesaurus, and appreciate the possibilities.

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      2. Thank you so much. I like what Elmore Leonard says, ‘try to write the bits people don’t skip’. I like to let people figure out things. Also it can slow things down, so I aim to break it down and put it in different places.


      3. Too many facts in fiction has always bothered me…I hate reading a book when I have seen the movie…my favorite actor at one time was a blond guy I found very sexy, in From Here To Eternity…then I read the book after I saw the movie…and the character was a dark haired guy with a mustache. I was never so disappointed…and I never read the book.
        LIkewise the movie Jurassic Park…in the movie the computer-nerd was the young boy; but in the book the character was a girl, the sister. I just can’t get past some pictures in my mind. I am very detail oriented, so a different character trait turns me off.

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      4. Adaptation is a real art. Theres been adaptations which enhance the themes and others which feel disconnected from the source material completely.


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