Epilogue to dessert

Tina delivers a chilling story of a romantic gesture which isn’t as it appears.

Tina’s writing

Jack lined up all his utensils on the table. He had been sure to lay plastic down first in preparation. He didn’t want any splats on the furniture. Neatly spaced out with none touching, he was certainly methodical. He didn’t have a lot of time to prepare. Time was of the essence, but the job had to be done right. He smiled in appreciation of the setting. He had been sure to cover everything, that way there would be no seepage. He listened intently to check for noises, stillness prevailed and so he made one last check that everything was in the right place.

It had been a good evening; in fact, he felt a bit intoxicated even though not a drop of alcohol had touched his lips. It was so unfortunate that she had felt ill and they had needed to cut such a decent evening short and before…

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