The Tao Of Brandywood

David Oglivy said the best ideas start as jokes. This was something which made me ponder as such things do, and it made me want to talk a little bit about the process behind this sequence.
There is an ending planned. One thing which all the good stories have, and myths too, is an ending. An origin is a matter of debate, because it touches on the intersection between superhero and myth.  Those areas also served as inspiration for Ron.
He’s no joke. He doesn’t take himself seriously but he takes his work seriously. Perhaps he started as a bodyguard on the basis of a joke. He’s three feet tall, lean and light. There’s a stoicism which is at odds with an innate naivete and romanticism all delivered with an antebellum drawl. Grief dogs his steps before long and it begins to change him. His friendship with Zephyrus, Utheir and the more complicated relationship with Lucasta and the secrets from his past return to complicate matters. There are antagonists,  internal and external, to test his skill and resolve.
Events grow larger and more intense as time goes on. Framing these through the work he takes on and his personal affairs, gave me something to focus on which would make me feel good to take seriously. We all work for something or someone. There are heroic efforts made and setting those in a world with its own events and environment made for a series of ideas which came together as the first novella came together.
My hope is you’ll enjoy the first one enough to keep the sequence viable. It’s exciting and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you.


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