Norwich 14/01/2021

Norwich-based author M B Blissett is happy to announce the coming release of his first fantasy novel The Lightning Thesaurus

The book’s writing began in March of last year, when Blissett sought to deviate from the themes of his previous work, and focus on his love of the fantasy genre by creating a bewitching and complex novel that is still accessible and not intimidating to readers. Mr Blissett is an avid player of the popular fantasy role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons, and has used the sessions he has played with friends to inspire the characters and plot of the story. Mr Blissett said “the best ideas, it is said, start as jokes. Ron himself was created as a joke based on a previous character I had played, and the idea of having a character who used Kung Fu in a world full of dragons and magic seemed utterly ridiculous, but compelling at the same time. And so the character of Ron Brandywood was born

In the sprawling empire of Vivaria, Zephyrus, a sorcerer is on the run from a powerful noble intent on his murder. Moira, a healer, saves his life and introduces him to Ron Brandywood, a competent and able bodyguard. Ron is three feet tall and uses his fists to defend his clients, but Zephyrus must trust Ron if he is to escape his pursuers. Yet, as they venture on, the noble’s true intentions and powers become apparent, forcing Ron and Moira to make terrible sacrifices if they are to protect him. 

The Lightning Thesaurus has been incredibly well received, with readers writing amazing reviews such as the following: 

“Going straight into action in a book with little to no backstory may not always be the best to start, but this time I am proven wrong. We are introduced to complex and mysterious characters with their own hidden desires, which allows the reader to ponder on whether this is a simple good vs. evil or perhaps something even more sinister”

“Drip-feeding the well-crafted world to the reader slowly, only enhances the immersion one feels when entering the world of this author’s creation. Furthermore, the addition of real-life cultures adds to the sense of realism highlighted through the novel, despite the interesting addition of fantasy within this novel. Though the source material should be treated seriously, one can’t help but marvel at the hints of comedy that the writer feeds into the novel, only showing to highlight the diversity of writing within this upcoming author.”

M B Blissett is an established author, with his work having been featured in multiple publications to warm reception, owing to his previous work in contemporary fiction. His writing comes from a deep love of reading, and although life has provided some interesting detours, from military service to sales, he has found writing and reading to be two sides of the same coin, and a constant source of inspiration. His other interests include Film, Bass Guitar, Walks and Meditation.

The Lightning Thesaurus is being published through Enchanted Forest Publishing ltd. and is expected to be available on Amazon in both ebook and paperback on March 8th, 2021

For additional information or to arrange an interview with Mr Blissett, please contact Mr Billy Green at or via telephone at 07979574638



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