From a recent review of The Lightning Thesaurus

“Going straight into action in a book with little to no backstory may not always be the best to start, but this time I am proven wrong. We are introduced to complex and mysterious characters with their own hidden desires, which allows the reader to ponder on whether this is a simple good vs. evil or perhaps something even more sinister. Drip-feeding the well crafted world to the reader slowly, only enhances the immersion one feels when entering the world of this author’s creation. Furthermore, the addition of real-life cultures, adds to the sense of realism highlighted through the novel, despite interesting addition of fantasy within this novel. Though the source material should be treated seriously, one can’t help but marvel at the hints of comedy that the writer feeds into the novel, only showing to highlight the diversity of writing within this upcoming author.”

Forthcoming from Enchanted Forest Publishing on March 8th 2021. Check out


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