To, At, For.

Sat there,

Quiet and about my purpose,

But I look across,

You catch me, and you see beneath the calm

To the surge of feeling beneath.

Sometimes you laugh it off,

With me, not at me,

You test me but only so I

Remain calm in the storm

Of your being

But you see in me,

The animal

It turns looks into


Kisses to bites,

It guides my fingers to your throat

And sculpts my smile

Into a mask of divine fury,

Possessed of such control

Each thrust is a sonnet,

Howled by nature’s chorus

Between your thighs

As I gift you with a force

So powerful

It feels larger than my body

Can contain

So as I come





You smile and touch my face,

See how gentle you make me,

In the languid, heated moments

Where the only music

Is the soft melody of our



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