Is it time?

A desire to write perfectly?

You’re too tired?

You feel self-conscious

With my experience and insights, I can help you move past whatever barriers are in front of you. My books represent the outcomes but now I am offering the opportunity to develop and maintain a process which will allow you to produce work, regardless of inspiration, and to a standard which will satisfy you.

I have designed and written a course which breaks down the common problems and offers solutions.

I am looking for volunteers to give feedback on the material.

All I am asking for is a commitment to at least 30 days of a writing practice, and feedback on the course materials and style. If you felt inclined to give a testimonial I could use, that would be most appreciated.

So, don’t sit on a mobile game, pause the fifteenth episode of the show on Netflix and invest in you as a writer.

Please contact me via the site, and I will respond.

My books are available on Amazon in ebook and print.



  1. Speaking as a stalled writer, with countless reasons to explain my lack of productivity, I feel I may, on the surface, at least, be an ideal candidate for your exciting course. I am drawn to the idea of a structured course, with a timed aspect, as opposed to filling in spare time with a bit of writing here and there. You know enough about me and the issues I’ve had regarding my writing, so if you feel I might be an appropriate candidate for this fledgling project I will gladly devote the time and effort to seeing if we can’t both benefit in some way.


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