Systems Over Goals(Writing Advice)

Another excerpt. I would value your comments and feedback.

The goal is a book, a story. 

Goals are admirable, essential as they lead to achievements. You are here to achieve your goals,. The path to getting there, not only once, but as many times as you need, takes action but also a degree of self appointment and and forethought.

I spent a long time being afraid of finishing stories, because with that goal just out of reach, you can use it as an excuse to get past the fear of achieving. Putting the work off is a zero-sum game, so how did I go about resolving it?

Having a system of writing.

Teaching yourself to write every day and doing it for 30 days will give you a good practice to continue with. Now, I choose 30 days because it is the best amount of time to stick a habit in place. 

Then, to make it even simpler, you write the least amount possible and apply the principle of compound interest to your writing. 

For me, it was two pages of writing a day. Now, it’s changed to word count, but choose the least amount and take the pressure off. A small amount of writing, each day, adds up, which is where the principle of compound interest comes in. 

You will make excuses for the lack of time, but look at how much time there is and what you do with it. Those games on your phone, grazing social media, watching television or the unfocused noodling which you know isn’t writing, but pretend it is. 

 Pick one thing you can stop doing for 30 days. One less episode of the show you’re watching without really being into it.

A few less levels of the gemstone game which is soothing but also not getting anything done other than comfort. 

Turn down the volume on the things which don’t matter. 

30 days.

1k words.

2 pages.

Minimal effective doses to solve the problem of your unwritten project. 

By having a system over, not instead of goals, it means you won’t worry about what to do after you’ve finished your first, or next book or story, because you will be into the next one. Building and reinforcing those habits sets up a cycle of positive feedback and affirmation and leads to writing on a regular schedule. Those are far healthier to sustain than more realistic than fits of binge writing in moments of panic and insecurity. 


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