Writing Update

I am close to finishing The Lightning Thesaurus, having hit 29k. Then it will get a polish, and then out to my readers. If you’re interested, then please leave a comment or email me.

After that, I am working The Ogden Chronicle into a shape suitable for release, alongside Project Kendrick, which needs some research and a bit of a rethink.

There is another fantasy project, further Ron stories, the genesis of a complete novel in my head and the list of projects I always have to hand, and add to.

Boody and Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere are out, and Until She Sings and Laughing Boy remain available. It feels good to have a body of work, and a system for it all. As always, it is a matter of time to do it all. None of it feels like work to me, because the pleasure exists of having made things which I can hold in my hand.

My newsletter is http://www.tinyletter.com/mbblissett and if you subscribe there, I send updates and thoughts about what I am doing and where I am. I really appreciate your support.


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