Writing Update

I’m working through The Lightning Thesaurus at a healthy pace. One of the aids to this has been the outlining as a guide, and also understanding more about archetype and story structure.

The draft is telling the story. I’m keen to avoid big chunks of exposition so when it arises, i put them in a separate file so i can break them up and seed them later. Using what I need is key.

Tone is different here. I’m drawing on some disparate ideas and elements, and the language reflects it. You can communicate difference through the words themselves so long as it doesn’t stop you putting them down.

Conceptually, the ideas come from different places. Some of it archetypal, mostly because the idea amuses me and i like the challenge of it.

I’m at a good point, with a great outline and a clear process. I’m looking forward to sharing it with you all in due course.


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