Would you like to read a copy of Laughing Boy in return for an honest review on Amazon?

Please contact me if you are interested and will provide a review for reading the book. It is available in PDF or your preferred format. If you can also let me know, how soon you could read and review the book, that would be great.


One thought on “LAUGHING BOY

  1. Laughing Boy tells the tale of a haunting. It takes the reader into the life of Tommy, and sees him having to pick open the scabbed-over wounds of the far from perfect marriage to his dead wife, Sophie, when she begins to interfere with Tommy’s blossoming new relationship with Evelyn. This takes place as he is also fighting to heal the rift between himself and his teenage daughter, Penny. As Sophie’s influence becomes more and more dangerous Tommy finds help from an unexpected source.

    Story aside, Blissett’s writing speaks to every aspect of relationships. Not simply the honeymoon period of the new. Through Tommy’s eyes you will be rewarded (for that is exactly what it feels like) to explanations of the emotional roller coaster of a ride that old and new relationships can subject us to. Feelings you may have agonised over, in your own attempts to understand the confusion you felt during moments similar to Tommy’s, are explained in succinct, measured words.

    ‘A perfect Moebius strip of apologies…before one of us finds the courage to stop…the relief tinged with sadness.’

    This is what Blissett does best. He writes with an open-wound elegance that leaves his readers purged. Like a literary blood-letting. Yes, there are a couple of not-so-polished places where the many cogs evident in professional publications are lacking, but these instances do not detract in any way from the story. In fact they highlight that you are witnessing the next step along a very determined development as a writer.

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