A Car Is Waiting

Photo by ALEXGTACAR on Pexels.com

My hand on your thigh
Then moving further
Open mouthed kisses
Your stomach fluttering
As my fingers
Find you
Playing until we are
Slick with want
Biting tasting testing
My hand at your throat
Holding your gaze
As I drive into you
I would fuck away
Your sadness
Make you a dirty
Princess here with me
A beast snarling
Pinning taking testing
You will fail
Before my authority
Over and over
A sweet moment’s dying
Before life comes
Hard as a car crash
And you scream your pleasure
Into the night sky
An intensity
That appears loveless
To the weak
But you know different
Come to me
For me
Play with the warm darkness
Of my passions
Fuck like
A car


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