Sometimes, these things matter, sometimes they don’t. However, I’ve now got 1300 of you who have subscribed or are following my website.


It’s a great feeling to have work to share with you all that you can purchase, so having cast aside the title of aspiring, and then just writing, now self-publishing and making my work available, it is climbing one mountain then seeing an entire range of them ahead.

When no one else, even loved ones, gets excited for your work, then you have to find the excitement for it within yourself.

I think of it like regularly playing a gig for an audience of 1300 people. So thank you for your support, and if you like my work, don’t keep it to yourself, share it with your friends. Or your enemies, if you really don’t like my stuff. That will teach them to mess with you, I’m sure.


5 thoughts on “1300

    1. Much like any show, some people will watch, others just there for the change in scenery, but the trick is to keep showing up with stuff. I sold some books, people are reading them and leaving reviews (yours was fantastic and much appreciated) I was writing before anyone was reading, and I keep going, looking to improve and each book serving as an improvement or an evolution on the last.

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      1. Yes, I think that’s a very healthy way to look at it Matt. Thanks for all the inspiration! There have been several of your stories over the past couple years that really stick with me.

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