Until She Sings

It was an idea which amused me. A supernatural office comedy with a cast of animal familiars working for The Devil.

There’s a very specific reason for the usage. He’s an Englishman, and people once believed he walked England and spoiled things. My version hasn’t left.

It also involved a virgin. So, when I sent it to my former agents reader, she responded with the perfect response;

What is this about?

There were some amusing ideas, a couple of good sequences but otherwise nothing of substance.

Except Caitlin. All the scenes with her worked. So, reshaping everything else made sense through asking what her goals were.

Women’s journeys tend to resemble the labyrinth. So, looking back, this came through the scenes and overall flow of the story.

Daniel was The Devil. He wanted you to know that about him. More of a fallen angel figure finding redemption through the divine feminine but the saturnine nature of the character came from there.

The musical element came from the original book, as Caitlin was in a power trio. My preferred arrangement or the massive ensemble like Snarky Puppy or Prince backing bands.

Both books excite me in terms of structure. I always aim for story first, and if it takes a large cast then so be it.

Anyway, this is about Until She Sings. Its out in paperback and ebook. It’s had good reviews and I’m proud of it.

Now, about the animal familiars…


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