Until She Sings

You cannot stay silent if you want to be heard. Caitlin Ross, a young singer-songwriter, makes her debut. Whilst struggling in her relationship with her once nearly famous boyfriend Luke, Caitlin’s performance lends a new spotlight for him to mock. When a handsome stranger, Daniel, introduces himself after her set, the attraction is immediate and all-consuming. She finds herself caught between the past and the future.

‘Wonderful read, gorgeously scripted and left my partner and I craving more. Bravo M Blissett!! Genuinely hope the story continues and will absolutely seek out more of your work!!’

I was pleasantly delighted by this book. I really appreciated that it wasn’t the standard romance. The storyline was just a little different and that made me really happy. I so wish I could explain exactly why that is, but I don’t want to give a spoiler review. The sex was good. Got a little kinky without becoming overly so. Great writing. I really appreciated that there were no grammar or spelling errors, which also seems very common in this genre nowadays. Highly recommended to those who enjoy passionate romance and instance love.


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