12 thoughts on “Until She Sings a review by Tara Caribou.

      1. I went through a bit of a bleak period once it was out. Don’t get me wrong I’m eternally grateful for anyone taking an interest but it’s lonely work and any interest in the work is validating.

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      2. Oh Matt! I completely know what you mean!! For my first book, I had, I’m not exaggerating, over 50 people swear they were going to buy the book. Of those 50, I think that four did. Horribly depressing to put so much love and effort into… empty space. Not even a single family member had read it or shown any interest. I’m bummed but… also very proud of myself. And you should be too.

        But the thing is, your work is written. It is “out there” and fifty years from now… it will still be “out there”. You created something special.

        I’m going to post the review on Facebook too. Maybe it will generate even one more sale!! ☺️

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      3. That’s my approach. It’s a long game. I’ve got the second book waiting, more material than I know what to do with. I can relate to your point. People get lauded for far less than what we’ve done and sometimes, just sometimes it sticks in my throat a little.

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