Barely more than a whisper

Because I’m less inclined

But more sure than ever

Able to step back

Down up and to the side

You’re a lot of great stories

And my relief lies within the


Of performance worn to keep

My place at your side

These sweet dreams don’t fade away

On waking and the thought of betrayal

Leaves an acid taste to even consider it

But all my prayers are actions,

Worn but protective

Like the winter coat

And the pre loved books

I read to youIn the fading lightSure, wishing I could helpTake the pain awayFrom you but you’re from stronger stuffSo much compassion hereAnd as awful as you are,Still love you like my writingI’m as much magician as loverAnd this, a spell to keep you postedAbout my heroes journeyConnected to the heartBeneath scarred skin,Temperate because no more needFor love bombs when the peace processWorks so wellMake peace to meNaked and gigglingSshIt adds to the tensionMy book Until She Sings is out now.Ebook:Until She Sings Mailing List for announcements and news with a free short story as a thank you.


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