The Brass Verdict by Michael Connelly

Micky Haller is a criminal defence lawyer who inherits the firm of an old friend after they’re murdered. One of the clients, a Hollywood producer accused of murder, presents a lucrative but dangerous opportunity for Micky.

Connelly is brilliant. He puts together these poignant, sometimes verging on bleak plots but the characters and material find the warmth there and it raises the craft element of crime where it’s like wrestling with the big issues of the world. Haller has flaws and makes mistakes but he’s smart, resourceful and endearing.

Connelly also has a wonderful eye for consistency as characters from other books of his turn up in various capacities. It’s similar to what George Pelecanos does and, tangentially, what superhero comics do, and it’s a pleasant experience for the long term reader of his work.

I love this book. It’s entertaining and doesn’t waste your time or attention. It demands it.

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