Do you enjoy the silence?

I left in my wake,

The devastation caused

Each of us has our own share

To admit to, don’t we?

No more hotel rooms now,

And yes you paid for them

But so did I

And sad how much you can

Loathe someone who claims they loved you

But no more,

A phone call and now we exist in mutual silence,

But not respect because my happiness

Isn’t tarnished by you,

And even your revenge was as lumpen and dull as you,

But mine was elegant and final,

We were monsters but in my goodness,

I realised I’m far worse

But at least I’m capable of admitting it,

And yet you, poor you,

Will be recalled with disdain,

If recalled



No ill wishes on my part

Other than to be left alone.

My book Until She Sings is out now.



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