Don’t be afraid to share and comment. I welcome the chance to talk to people who read and like my work.


2 thoughts on “Hey

  1. Hi Matt

    I’ve tried on a couple of occasions to contact you. I have two different numbers that I have texted and rang. One just rings and then disconnects. The other fails to connect. Anyway, I paused beta reading of Until She Sings due to a dilemma. I did ask a question within the comment function but received no reply , and was loathe to continue until such response was aired. I hope you understand. I didn’t simply bail on you. That notwithstanding Julie’s dad has suffered a stroke and is perilously ill. I have basically dropped everything and we have been down here for two weeks. We need to return tomorrow, to go back to work. I hope you and Leigh are on fine form. Take care, Matt

    Catch you later



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