She loves as we love

Psyche with the blade

At Eros throat

And in so doing

She let things fall apart

And the handmaidens

Became howls and squawking

Because she leaned too far into

The swamp of whispers

Fed by envious sisters

Because they believe they’re doing

The good work of sisterhood

Never satisfied unless beauty

Rubs dirt to mar it

And here Psyche followed


From those who envied

But saw it as love

And so her sister ran to

The cliffs edge

Let the winds take a bitch

And Zephyr doesn’t arrive

The rocks delivered them

And in pieces they suffer less

Than Psyche

But of Eros,

He was torn apart

Renewed and torn again

But all in love is fair

And immortal Mother

Waits to bite hard

Psyche between her teeth

And as with the Gods

So it was,



But here, my fury

Did not shake the mountains

Nor stirred a single wave

On a single ocean

And yet my own inner divine

Knows such tales return

Wearing different faces

So, shall I invite you in?

Leave the blade blunted



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