Walk Home

Awake but tired

Inured to rejection

Resigned to a tempo

Of life which doesn’t seem to slow down

But dancing anyway

Well, stood there and sweating,

Because I’m a man goddamnit

And if I dance at all

It is the restrained shuffle

Where my inhibitions

Have fled to finish their drinks

And left me boyish and playful

Otherwise I have

Stripped away

The thin layer of bullshit

And feel the truth on my skin

A king again

And the crown is heavy

The throne makes my ass numb

If sat too long

But look outside

Should you miss me

Tell the sunlight to send word

And I will send patronage

In as few words as possible

Mostly how fine you are

And then mock you a bit

With love,


We are all just

Walking one another home






Even if we have to make

The return in the dark


I saw you safe

And I always have


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