Proof of Life

Hi there

So realised any head shots of me are a bit old so thought I would show you what I look like.

Also, thank you for your kind words and interest. It isn’t about what percentage or how many people follow my work but the quality of the interactions and my own writing moving others. If you’ve liked or commented, it is always welcome and appreciated.


7 thoughts on “Proof of Life

      1. I will ask, not as an exercise in ego but interest, what do you like about my writing? Has there been anything you’ve especially enjoyed or didn’t? What would you say makes my work of appeal ? Thank you and your opinion is valuable to me.

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      2. I like both your poetry and short stories. For your stories, I love how you always have twists in there and you think about things in such a different way. It’s always mind-blowing (literally). I loved Wild Man and like all your flash fictions. I did not read (pardon me for not remembering the names) one in which a girl referred to her lover as “daddy” as that is a major trigger for me and I refuse to read anything that uses that term (in fact I hate even typing it out and will not use the word in everyday talk). Also, I think there was one with zombies or something?? I’m not into them at all. But aside from those two on-going stories (and my personal hang-ups… I’m sure they are well-written) I have thoroughly enjoyed your short stories.

        Your poetry. My favorites are the sensual ones as they are uummm my “type” of male figure so it’s very yummy to read. But more than that, you write emotion in between the words to where I can feel the sweat or heat or cold or fire or passion or WHATEVER it is, and it is layered. Sometimes I read sadness beneath strength or anger beneath desire etc. That is incredible how you do that. It is feeling mixed with rawness and passion and desire. I like that. It’s well done and every word is meaningful. No extra words. And that goes for your stories as well. I love that I never know quite what to expect, but I know it will be very good.

        I hope that explains it a little.


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