Have they heard us?

Think we sent something

Long ago

Pictures, samples and concepts

Saying ‘here we are’

It cannot contain all we offer,

And here

Is where you’ll list

All the horrible things we do,

We’ve done

Would I look into those tri-lobed eyes

And see redemption offered?

Would a kind tentacle

Recognise the work I’ve done?

Who knows

But I behave as though

They’ve arrived

Or they’ve always been here,

Watching and wondering

Each time I look up,

Blood moon and burning stars alike

Into the deep, velvet dark above

Heading back inside

Safe in the fact

I can say where I’ve been

What I’ve done

Without guilt or deception

And I’d tell those cosmic angels

How Hell is a place we make

And I’ve been there,


No, I don’t be going back.

I’ll wait here

Hoping that somehow

Some way

You hear my signal

Purer as time goes on.

Stronger until you hear this

Wherever you are.


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