not needing to know

When you stopped

Running in place

Stood your ground

Bloodied soil between your toes

And decided you would face

The inconstant, gnawing demons

Even if you died in the attempt

You won a moment of silence

A possibility of change,

Goodness and fidelity

Even as she sleeps

You keep watch,

She doesn’t need you

But somehow the slow dance of you

Never makes you flag

Police yourself for weakness

And the demons bit

Hard enough to draw blood

But you never let anyone

See you bleed

And the scars gave up

Secrets which made you strong


She sleeps, not knowing

Not, in truth, needing to know

What it took to keep playing

How you grew tall enough

To climb to the peaks

Where all could see

Your glory

Quiet but burning through

The fog of illusions



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