Persistent buddha, gentle bear

This year

Tried to break me

With anguish

Pleasures so acute

They were indistinguishable

As a mute singing

To their gods

The impersonal furies

Their heartfelt heralds

Sought to carve their names

Into my bones

But here I remain

Further forward

Despite a glacial pace

So deep it made me wonder

If I moved at allmade

But I look back

See the scarred ruins 

Look down then up

The wine of persistence

Sweet on my lips

Still, reach beneath

My shirt, rough palm 

Against a heart which holds

rhythm no matter how off the time 

the world appears

I remain





And sat, smiling as 

I consider how 

Little frightens me anymore

And when I hold you

It is with the strength

Of grace

Remember, my love

I can endure anything

So let your winds howl

the rains fall

And my smile

Persistent buddha

A bear, gentle even as I lick blood

From my teeth

Nostrils aflare

At the honey of your 



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